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Psychic Mediumship Readings

Laura is a true Authentic Psychic Healing Medium but also a Certified Psychic Healing Medium who has trained for several years and attended the Arthur Findley College both in person and online to help her hone the innate gifts that were denied as a child.  Her childhood did not support the need for her innate gifts and so they went to the way side.  Even though they went to the way side, they were not forgotten.  Laura had many visits and spirit encounters because they knew she could communicate with them and they could see her light.  They knew that she had the gift.  As Laura's life went on, spirit continued to remind her of her innate gifts and that she would soon be ready to accept them.  Then one day, in light of her Angelic Death Experience, Laura answered the call to her innate gifts.  Ever since Laura has been brining them to the forefront of who she is and accepting them.  Laura has many innate gifts of which she works with.  Therefore, Laura brings her innate gifts not only through the process of energy healing but also through the process of Psychic Mediumship readings. 

During a reading, Laura is able to connect on a deeper level and bring forth evidence of a loved one who has passed over.  After bringing forth evidence of the loved one, Laura will bring forth their message.  Although, we can not guarantee a loved ones connection, Laura has been known to connect to several loved ones that others have not been able to to connect with.  That is because the message has to be brought across in the right way with the right medium.  Laura has the natural gift of being gentle and understanding and is always willing to help bring forth the message in a way that makes the most sense to the person and to the loved one who has passed over. 

Laura gifts also include channeling and communication with our guides and Angels.  Sometimes there is a mix in the reading where a guide will step in or an Angel before or after a loved one.  This all depends upon the person, the reading and what is needing to be shared and expressed. 

To book a session, please go to services and booking page 

Laura does not rush through readings therefore the time allotted for the reading will be 45 minutes 

Disclaimer*  Readings are not a replacement for medical, physical or psychological treatment.  Nor are they to be take as legal, financial, or business advice.  They are open to interpretation by the client and what you do with the information.  Readings are for entertainment purposes only and should be looked upon in this way.  I can not ensure any accuracy or perditions because of the guidance that is given during a reading due to free will and choice that we all have.