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Medical Medium Energy Healing

Laura's style of energy healing incorporates the ability to channel universal energy and her innate intuitive skills so she can bring a well round healing session to you.  Due to Laura's ability to read the body and the energy field, you will receive feedback from the session when the session is complete.  There may be times during the session where Laura will need to speak to provide important information to you or to get your permission to proceed.  There are times where Laura may find cords, attachments or areas in life that no longer serve you and in order to let them go out of the energy field she will need to know if you are ready to release them.  Additionally, your session will include a chakra balancing and a clearing. 

Laura does not rush through healing therefore the time allotted for the session will be 60 minutes

Disclaimer*  Healings are not a replacement for medical, physical or psychological treatment.  I am not a doctor and therefore, I can not ensure a cure of any type because energy healing is a complimentary holistic healing method and the client reserves the right and free will to choose their life style and behaviors.  You must continue your current regiment and schedule with your medical professional while you are attending energy healing sessions and until they advise you differently.