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Angelic Death Experience

In 2010, Laura had an Angelic Death Experience.  Laura's death experience led her through various stages of the dying process which then led to her awakening process, healing and seeking the truth.  At the deepest hour of her process she surrendered her life to the creator.  Laura could not bear the suffering anymore.  Upon Laura's surrender she had gone to a place where she experienced a brilliant bright white light.  One that was so bright you could not see through to anything that was there.  It was like having huge stage lights shining at you all at once.  In the midst of being blinded by the lights, Laura sensed someone there but could not see them.  It was the wave riders coming to take Laura back home.  The wave riders reminded Laura that she had to feel and not see her way though the light she was no longer in the physical.  That made it easier for Laura to maneuver through the light, to communicate and to see them.  As Laura became reacquainted to feeling and sensing the light she realized she knew them and that she was going home.  Here Laura went through a series of steps to get her to where she would be able to process and review her life.  When Laura's life review was over she choose to come back into the physical.  Before Laura left she went through another series of steps so she could come back to the physical and only remember what she needed to remember.  When this was done, Laura was sent back with a Guided Angel who spent the rest of the night cuddling her in its wings.  Laura awoke the next morning realizing that someone was with her.  The Guided Angel remained with Laura until she awoke the next morning so she would remember and know it was not just a dream.  As the Guided Angel left Laura's side, the Angels massive wings that covered Laura from head to toe opened and started to dissipate.  As the Angels wings opened, a radiating light of love came from the Angel and this love remained with Laura for the next few days.  Where she continued to go through a series of awakening events which brings her here to this day.  Since then, Laura has been working and training within the light to help other people along their journey.