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Energy Transfer, Soul Loss & Spirit Attachment

Introspective Hypnosis helps to identify energy transfer, retrieve soul loss, and release spirit attachments.  Energy transfer, soul loss and spirit attachments can happen at different stages of life and during traumatic situations such as; accidents, death, abuse, illness, addictions, suicide and so forth.  When we experience these situations they can affect us in many different levels of the mind, the body and the soul.  We may feel like we are not whole or we have lost a part of ourselves.  We may not feel like ourselves or have a dramatic change in our relationships or our personality.  We may even suffer from unusual or unexplained pain in the body.  What this is showing us is that we have given away or had our energy taken from us during the experience.  In the relationship with these experiences we may also feel trapped and not able to let go of them.  That is trapped energy that is still leaking into that experience.  To get our energy back and to release any energy that is not ours from any of these situations we can go to the root of the cause to see what is happening so that it can be transformed.  Soul loss is a great opportunity for a spirit attachment to arise within our energy field.  It happens very often without realizing it and it becomes natural to feel the way that we feel as it integrates with our field to the point that we may not be able to feel the difference.  This may leave us feeling helpless or at the mercy to something else beyond ourselves.  Trouble making up our minds or even being unable to make choices wisely.  Emotional attachments are also a possibility where others emotions are transferred to you when you are not aware of it but you feel something that is not quite right on how it feels.  It can guide you to take on some unusual behaviors that you would not normally do.  There is a lot that we can do to help to resolve these situations with this process in hypnosis.  If you are experience any of these symptom or are feeling like something is just not right, book a session.