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Unresolved Emotions, Stuck Energy & Energy Clearing

Introspective Hypnosis process helps us to release repressed emotions, free stuck energy and clear unwanted energy.  It is important to keep our energy system and the body clean and free from toxins so it runs at the highest optimal level that it can.  When we take on others energy, repress our emotions then it creates disharmony in the main energy centers and its functions and then moves outwards into the other body systems creating disharmony in pain and suffering.  As the energy moves outward into our aura it starts to eat away at the aura.  This creates a way for other things to invade our space causing attachments or the releasing of our own energy.  Once the toxins are removed and the repressed emotions are released the aura can then be repaired.  This process of hypnosis helps us to create a suitable healthy environment for our body to live in by keeping it clean and free from stuck energy and repressed emotions.