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Past Life Regression, Inner Child & Womb Healing

Utilizing the pathway of psychosomatic symptoms we can gain access to the root cause of the situation that is causing the pain and the suffering in your life.  As we are following the path to the root of the situation we may find it is something that happened to us when we were a child, in a past life or even in the womb.  When we are little, we do not always know how to process things correctly.  Therefore, it is or can be traumatic and repressed until it can be processed.  It will then be released.  When we are in the womb, we are receiving incoming energy from our mother and the environment.  Regardless, if it was done with intent or unintentional.  While we are in the womb we are not just feeding off of the nutrients that are supplied by the parent.  We are gaining access to all of the memories and the emotions that are fluent within the mother.  When we have a past life that is not complete, we can repeat various aspects of that life so that we can complete that path.  This hypnosis process gives us the opportunity to revisit these times in our lives so we can see the root cause, heal and release them depending upon the situation.