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Fears, Phobias & Psychosomatic Symptoms

Fears, phobias and psychosomatic symptoms are a result of a past situation that may have been created in a past life, a childhood event or as a genetic transfer.  These play a role in our lives to let us know that they are still present and unresolved in our lives.  Having a hypnosis session, you will be able to see why and where it came from along with the opportunity to clear and transform the situation in your life so the fear, phobia or symptom can start to resolve itself.  Psychosomatic symptoms can be transformed when we correct the problem same with the effects of fears and phobias.  What are your fears, phobias or psychosomatic symptoms?  They can be of anything.  Fears and phobias of heights, crowds, being alone, not fitting in, animals.  Experiencing pain, aches or soreness, feeling a loss, not feeling whole or something is missing, but not sure where it is coming from.  If you are ready to transform your fears, phobias and psychosomatic symptoms... book a session now.