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Help To Process Your Sessions

I offer Hypno-Coaching as an add on session to the hypnosis session if you feel like you would like to process the session further and discuss anything that came up.   The hypnosis sessions are and can be very enlightening, emotional or very traumatic.  That depends upon your individual journey.  Everyone's journey is different.  So keeping that in mind; your coaching session would include defining the problem, processing it, what you have come to understand and looking for the solutions in life based upon the information that you got in your hypnosis session.  It will help to create a deeper sense of awareness of the situation and how to approach it in life so that you can move forward on the path of enlightenment and freedom.

Many times we are not aware that this is a great opportunity to share our experience with others and how healing it can be to just talk about it with others instead of keeping it deep within us.  It is the power of expression that helps it to leave the mind, body and the spirit so it can be free.  The experience of coaching can play that role for you if your expression is limited elsewhere where it might not be accepted, possible, welcomed or you don't feel comfortable with sharing it with others around you.