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Hypnosis Works!

Transformation Is In Your Hands!

Not all styles of Hypnosis are the same or meet the same goal.  However, this style of hypnosis is an effective straight forward technique that works with the subconscious mind and psychosomatic symptoms.  Which means that this technique has the ability to lead us to the root cause of the symptoms that we are experiencing no matter what level it resides on; mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.  Once we are able to locate and understand the root cause of the symptom they can be dealt with and released.  The majority of our symptoms are due to repressed emotions and unresolved traumas from our current and past lives.  Each session will be different depending upon the symptom and situation that is in question.  Sometimes our repressed emotions and traumas lie unresolved from a past life.  There are times when we are not able to forgive ourselves or others.  There are times where there may be an occurrence of trapped energy.  Therefore this hypnosis process combines several different hypnotic techniques to help ensure that the technique is near to flawless: Ericksonian Hypnosis, Forgiveness Therapy, Role change, Past Life Regression, and Spirit Releasement.  The results of these sessions are miraculous in that the technique ahs helped to transform many lives in just a few sessions.  How many sessions depends upon your needs, your desires, the level and your goals of transformation.  To find out more contact me with your questions.